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About Space Bridge Fund


Space Bridge Fund is a public-private early stage technology seed funding instrument, combining the private capital equity investments with a nonrefundable public grants into the high growth potential, technology oriented companies in space-related industries, located in Poland.

The Fund intends to invest in start-up companies realizing projects in Proof of Concept and Proof of Principle stages by providing them initial non-equity financing before the start-up company is incorporated (“pre-equity investment stage”) followed by the private capital equity investment (20%) leveraged with a public grant (80%) (“equity investment stage”).

Our potential

The Fund’s objective is to combine the potential of an existing professional network of Mazovia Cluster ICT, The Fund Strategic Partners, Key Technology Advisors and The Fund Managers in space industry and space-oriented scientific and academic institutions of the Central, Eastern and Western Europe with The Fund Managers’ investment expertise in order to identify R&D projects with high commercial and international growth potential, provide them financing, build value and sell with a substantial capital gain for Private Investors.

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Areas of Investement

Space Bridge Fund invests in projects around Space, IoT, Industry 4.0 and ICT

Space Industry
and Geoinformation
Internet of Things
and Sensors
New Materials
and Green Energy
and Robotics

Benefits and Adventages

Benefits and adventages in a nutshell

Initial Fund size

45 milion PLN, (10 million EUR)

Areas of Investment

Space, Geoinformation, IoT, Robotics, ICT, Green Energy


Private Funding & NCBiR (BRIdge Alfa)

Stage of Projects

Startup, Seed, Early Stage, TRL 3 or 4


1 - 1,5 milion PLN (200k - 250k EUR)


Equity, 6 - 8 years Fund lifetime

Supporting team

R&D, management and comercialisation

Fund's global partners

Mazovia Cluster ICT, French Aerospace Valley, etc.

Investment Team

VC management team

CEO & Investment Director
Maciej Pawlina

CEO & Investment Director

Investment Manager
Grzegorz Maciaszek

Investment Manager

Phillipe Lattes

Investment Manager

Our Strategic Partners

The Space Bridge Fund strategic partners

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    ul. Koncertowa nr 19 lok. 35 20-866 Lublin

    +48 509 687 572 Grzegorz Maciaszek

    Maciej Pawlina +48667371718

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